Bora is a Super Player and friend encountered in Baseball Superstars 2012.


Not much is known about Bora other than the fact that she roams around the city on her motor bike and fights crime. She fights crime to prove that she is strong, as she used to be a weak girl and wanted to change that.

Upon meeting the Player, the two don't start off well. But as they talk more to each other, she starts developing small feelings towards the player and the two eventually become decent friends.


Because Bora is notably younger than the player and his other friends with the exception of Yomi, she is considered as a short tempered, rebellious teenager by the player, as she was exactly that when they first met.

She gets angry often and sometimes resorts to violence, but she also has a soft side, although she doesn't reveal it often. Whenever the player manages to notice, she instantly gets embarassed or tries to cover it up.

Super PlayerEdit

Bora is a pitcher as a Super Player. Like all other pitchers, she possesses a deadly super pitch, but her normal pitches aren't much different in comparison to any regular pitch, other than the fact that they are faster and more precise.

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